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Take part in creating a better Arizona! 

If you believe all registered voters and all candidates deserve to be treated equally, and that all taxpayers deserve a say in the elections they pay for you're in the right spot! This is your chance to join our growing team as we aim to bring open primaries to Arizona!  

Already a volunteer? Find helpful resources here! 

The Make Elections Fair committee is thrilled to announce that thanks to your unwavering support and dedication, we submitted over 580,000 signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State, officially qualifying for the 2024 General Election ballot.

Ways to get involved 

Campaign yard signs are an excellent way to promote Make Elections Fair AZ! Request a sign for your home or business using the form below. We're also setting up a network of sign hubs across the state, allowing supporters to pick up signs at convenient locations.  

If you would like to have a member of our team present to your group, please use the link below to complete the form to request a presentation at your event.

Contributions play a pivotal role in fueling our campaign. The remarkable generosity of donors from Arizona has propelled us forward, but raising more funds enables us to expand voter outreach efforts. With increased resources, we can educate the public about the significant advantages of open primaries for Arizona.

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