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100% of primary decisions are made by...
< 20% of voters in the Republican primary and < 15% of voters in the Democratic primary  

Who really gets a seat at the table?

What's so unfair about our current system?

Arizona's current electoral system encourages partisan influence, and unequal representation of independent voters, and authorizes the use of taxpayer funds to support private political party primaries.

What are we proposing?

  • Eliminates taxpayer funding for partisan elections

  • All candidates can run and will appear on the same ballot

  • Same signature requirements for all candidates

  • No funding for Partisan Presidential Primary unless unaffiliated voters are included

  • Every voter can participate in every election

Our proposal creates an open primary.

What is an open primary?

In an open primary, all candidates will appear on the same ballot and compete under the same rules, and all registered voters will use that same ballot to cast their vote for their preferred candidate(s). In an open primary, the use of taxpayer funds to pay for private political party primaries would be prohibited.

What changes?

  • Every Voter, Every Election: any registered voter can vote in any election for any candidate they want.

    • Currently: the partisan primary system, paid for by all taxpayers, excludes voters not affiliated with a political party from participating. A voter who does not belong to a party must select a party ballot to vote in a Primary election.

  • Competition Produces Better Choices: makes elected officials accountable to most voters and leads to better choices, better results, and a stronger Arizona.

    • Currently:  70% of Arizona voters DO NOT believe our elected officials are focused on the issues they care about most.

  • Stop Politics of Division – Build Consensus: encourages candidates to be responsive to all constituents and combats the politics of division and incentivizes candidates to prioritize the issues we agree upon.

    • Currently: our system of voting for the lesser of two evils rewards elected politicians that do not focus on the issues we care about most.

  • Your Voice and Your Vote Matter: open elections will give voters equal opportunity to weigh in on who is elected.  Your vote will always matter even if your first choice is eliminated. 

    • Currently: our summer primary election system is by far the most visible way we have turned power over to our most partisan, polarized citizens.

  • Equal Treatment: treats all candidates and voters equally by allowing them to compete under the same rules.

    • Currently: unaffiliated candidates must collect more than 6x the number of signatures and do not appear on the primary ballot.

Arizona’s partisan primary system is paid for by all taxpayers and does not treat unaffiliated voters or candidates fairly. IND/unaffiliated voters are required to compromise their principle of non-affiliation and must select a party ballot to participate in the primary election.

Independent and unaffiliated candidates running for statewide office must collect nearly 6x as many signatures and they do not appear on any primary ballot.

70% of Arizona voters DO NOT believe our elected officials are focused on the issues they care about most.

69% of Arizona voters DO NOT believe that politicians are delivering the results they want, need, and deserve.

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